Where’s your money going?

Above is the hospital's main ultrasound machine which worked only if it was regularly serviced and providing there wasn't a power cut.

At Project Huruma our guarantee is that as much of the money you donate makes it out to Tanzania as possible, and that as little money as possible will be used towards admin costs.

Our other guarantee is that no money will be given directly to hospitals, but instead donations will be made by buying the hospitals what they really need – this way you know that whatever money you donate is spent as it should be…rather than the money being spent on a director’s new computer or their new car!

All money donated is put into a specialist Lloyds TSB bank account and being saved until I head out to Tanzania for my Gap Year at which point I will decide what the hospitals (and any other institutions) need and spend the money. I will try to make sure, as well, that whenever I can I will let you all know what I have bought.